Change is the only constant

Chameleon Group can help you adapt to any business enviroment. Fast and reliable service in a varity of fields through our partners.

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We are a company that provides case by case solutions at a rapid pace

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We provide solutions from small business engagements to enterprise ERP systems

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We want to help your business adapt to the digital future in any way we can!

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Enhanced Engagements

URUP Connect

Entrepreneur Boxed Solutions


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What we offer


Turnkey developer of cutting-edge ERP business solutions, utilising leading technologies and ingenious data-architecture to maximise the benefits of interoperability and multi-tenancy

Enhanced Engagements

Complex Communication Solutions, One Click Engagement with fast turnaround times

URUP Connect

URUP Connect unique value proposition enables an organisation, brand or company to engage with their target audience on any smart device within seconds - no app download, no sign-up process. This ensures that in a single click your target audience is engaging with you through any digital communication channel that can serve a website link


The future of execerise and physical engagement

Fielding Dreams

Coaching, Accredited training workshops, Physical Events

Case Solutions

Through our partners we can develope a multitude of unique solutions for your business

URUP Connect and Enhanced Engagements offering

Enhanced Engagements offers a unique solution that is concentrated within the digital mobile space, which is easily customizable, manageable and flexible in both design and creation, to facilitate this ever-changing environment. With our 1-click to engage solution, we allow your audience to engage, quickly and effortlessly with no signup or app download. Through these customizable engagements we create rich and dynamic data to enhance your digital strategies. This brings a combination of speed and fluidity to digital communication and engagement campaigns! We strive to bring companies and their audiences closer together in less time, at a reduced cost, and with tremendous flexibility!

Tell us when was Harley founded?

Why Choose Us

Most business solutions require large amounts of money and time. Chameleon Group knows that this is not the correct way to provide client support. After all, change is the only constant

Fast turnaround, immediate ROI, Live reports

Over 50 years of combined experience

Flexiable for each case

Bleeding edge, world renowned, technologies at your fingertips

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